Prof. Dr. Ahmet Murat AYTEKİN

bumblebees | morphometrics | pharmaceutics


There are approximately 265 species of bumblebees (genus: Bombus) in the world. It is therefore possible and appropriate to address the conservation status of the entire group. Significant conservation attention has been given to bumblebees in the UK and in North America. However, there is now a need to address and coordinate bumblebee conservation on a global scale.


Morphometrics – the quantitative description, analysis and interpretation of shape and shape variation in biology - is a fundamental area of research. Unlike the analytical approaches, the geometric one is aimed at comparison of the shapes themselves. Landmark based models are very trendy although new shape definitions are more reliable. Both 2D and 3D structures can be analysed.


In the last 20 years increasingly interest on several types of remedies such as teas, tablets and/or tinctures that are now can be found in health stores, pharmacies, in some clinics and mostly purchased online. It is now very simple to prepare herbal medicines at home. Some bee products like propolis is also a good source for many medicines and remedies.


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