Today Pharmaceutics focus on both large and small molecules. It starts with innovations in sample preparation, separations science, standards and reagents, laboratory information management, and mass spectrometry that advance the information about the molecule. 

Pharmaceutics can be divided into 3 main group of research

Health Sciences works on proteomics, biomarkers, metabolomics, lipidomics, structural biology and characterization through clinical research. Translational research through to clinical diagnostic solutions is mainly covers the research on human health by transferring scientific discoveries into healthcare solutions
proteomics bumblebees
Health Sciences
Research on Small Molecules focus on analyses performed to advance traditional small molecule drugs: Medicinal chemistry, bioanalysis, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, methods development, impurities analysis, natural products and herbal remedies, quality control (QC) and process analysis.
Small Molecules
Biopharmaceutical Research is characterization approach for proteins, peptides and glycans, higher order structure (HOS) by hydrogen deuterium exchange with mass spectrometry (HDX MS), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), host cell proteins (HCPs) and RNAi analysis. It is a rapidly evolving field of research
Natural Products
Traditional medicines (TM), therapeutic natural products, traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) or herbal medicines. The name can vary but one question always remains: How do they work?
Analytical laboratories strive to understand their pharmacology in hopes of obtaining evidence-based validation of effectiveness and establish safe production guidelines. There are many studies around the world which of some are extremely complicated and difficult to follow
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